Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

got fed up with windows , yea big surprise.
So I started looking around for options .
I started to look into Linux .
Well I didn't know anyone that was using it so I ended up doing a lot of on line reading .
I read a lot on Suse red hot Fudera and Ubuntu .
After much thought and research I tried Ubuntu.
To my delight I love free ware .
You just go to the Ubuntu home page and get the latest one .

Really what I love about Ubuntu Is that it's more stable then windows,
Not a virus magnet, faster then windows, And uses your systems hardware better.
Also it has your media, ripping, burning, & editing at your finger tips.
The word program is really nice and its easy to set up printing .
That and you have a lot of things you can do with your desktop .
The whole multi screens is one of my favourites.

One of the thing I find a lot of people asking if you can play windows based games in Ubuntu.
Here is the thing about Ubuntu if you have internet and a opened mind .
You can pretty much make any game work.
I play
War craft three frozen throne
Battlefield 1942
Diablo 2

What I've learned to do is if I want to know how to make something work .
I always google it .
Exe how to play dvds in ubuntu
Exe how to burn cds in ubuntu
You can find all you need to by asking in that format .

So I just bought a loptop and put Ubuntu on it. It worked out really well any one looking at puting A Linux base on there loptop might fined this to be use full.The best think about Linux is its free and I'm all about free ware.